Spiritual Awakenings – Share Your Story and Become a Published Author

Ever wish you could be a published author? Well maybe I can help you! I am working on a book about Spiritual Awakenings for those in a 12 step recovery program. To be included in this book, you need to submit your own personal journey and spiritual experience. What a great way to help others and be published!spiritual awakening

This book will be about Spirituality in Recovery and I’d like to get as many first-hand accounts (ie – personal stories) from others in recovery as possible. It doesn’t matter if you have 20 years or 20 days in the program, I’d like to hear from you.

As a general guide, try to give a short account (for background information only) of “what it was like, what happened and what it’s like now”, while steering towards the spiritual aspect of recovery. Here are a few helpful questions to consider in your writing:

  • How did your spiritual or religious upbringing, or lack thereof, factor into your journey in recovery and your spiritual awakening?
  • At what point in time in your recovery do you feel that your spiritual awakening took place?
  • Was your spiritual awakening a sudden occurrence or one of the “educational variety” that is described in the Big Book? Either way, describe in as much detail as possible …we like stories.
  • What factors do you feel have contributed to your spiritual awakening?

Feel free to make your “spiritual story” as long or as short as you wish (1 Page – 10+ Pages). I can guarantee, short of receiving something wildly inappropriate, that everyone’s contributions will be included in the book.

In keeping with the 11th Tradition, I do not use my real name on my published works. You are welcome to use either a pen name as I do or we can simply put your first name on the story.

Please send your contributions via email to stories@taiteadams.com with “Spiritual Awakening” in the Subject Box.  Once published, this book will be available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and many other outlets.  Best regards and thanks so much for your contribution to what I am sure will be an amazing book of personal accounts.

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