Senior Addiction – Drug Addiction in Older Adults, Senior Alcoholism, and Recovery Solutions

My latest book, Senior Addiction – Drug Addiction in Older Adults, Senior Alcoholism, and Recovery Solutions, was released earlier this week in both ebook and paperback and will be on Free promo in the next few days.   Senior addiction is a growing problem in this country that is just starting to gain the attention it deserves.  The official book summary is listed below.  If you do pick up a copy at a major online retailer, I would love it if you would reach out with your thoughts, either privately through this site or via an online review.

senior addiction


When we think of substance abuse and addiction, many of us picture a teen smoking pot, someone in their twenties hooked on heroin, or possibly a housewife who has developed a drinking problem. While these are all real issues in today’s society, a growing problem that isn’t getting nearly enough attention is that of senior addiction.

As difficult as it may be for many to believe, alcoholism and drug addiction are among the fastest-growing health problems among retirees. The spike can be attributed to many factors, chief among them the aging of the baby boomer generation. Boomers are a unique class and they are now flooding the ranks of the retirees, with 10,000 boomers turning age 65 each day for the next two decades. The combination of loneliness and life changes, along with access to prescription medications has created a worrisome situation among older men and women. The aged not only metabolize drugs and alcohol differently, overuse will only serve to worsen existing health conditions and put them at risk for more serious health issues including: heart failure, liver failure, and stroke.

Senior Addiction takes a detailed look at alcoholism and drug addiction in older adults from every angle, with an examination of the specific substance abuse dangers for seniors, barriers to diagnosis, and various treatment recommendations tailored to the older adult. To the millions of people and their loved ones trapped in the vicious circle of addiction, there is a solution to break free from the madness. Written as a guide to addiction and recovery by someone who has been there, author Taite Adams not only explains how these drugs work but gives the reader their options for withdrawal, treatment, and beyond. Whether drinking or taking drugs for pain, an anxiety disorder, insomnia or another issue, Adams offers seniors and their loved ones hope, inspiration, and solutions for a life of many golden years to come.

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