Restart Your Recovery – 12 Things You Can Do To Get Back on the Beam

What many fail to realize, myself included, when we get sober is that it is a lifetime process and that a “cure” isn’t awaiting us around the next corner.  I’ve heard it said in meetings that “alcoholics are people who find something that works – and then stop doing it”.  This is so true and it’s tempting at various stages in recovery to simply rest on our laurels and stop doing the things that worked in the beginning.  I know that I’ve been guilty of this and what seems to happen is a gradual eroding of the serenity and peace of mind that comes with working a solid program of recovery.   More often than not, when our recovery program starts to suffer, so do we and those and around us.

emotional sobriety

Restart Your Recovery – 12 Things You Can Do to Get Back on the Beam is a book about re-establishing oneself in recovery and finding new beginnings.  It is a powerful message of renewal balanced with a set of very clear action items designed to pave a new and stronger pathway in recovery for those who have been struggling with priorities and emotional sobriety.    Drawing from my own experience of drifting away from the program for several years, without picking up a drink, and then making a decision to do whatever it took to “get back on the beam”, I outline in detail the things that worked for me and countless others that have been gracious enough to share their experiences with me.  Some of the areas that are addressed in detail are:

  •  Why We Move Away From Recovery
  • Signs of Relapse
  • Actions You Can Take To Get Back on The Beam
  • The Importance of Service and Fellowship
  • Prayer and Meditation in Recovery
  • Outside Help
  • Taking Action Above All Else
  • and Much More

What many people fail to realize is that recovery doesn’t just have to be “as good” as it was in the beginning.  It can be that and a great deal more if you are willing to take the actions to make it so.  Whether just coming to terms with the idea that something is missing in your recovery program or are struggling with one of those emotional bottoms in recovery,  Restart Your Recovery is an invaluable tool for self-discovery that will help you take the actions necessary for you to make a new beginning in recovery today.

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