Who is Molly – Molly Drug Facts, What is Ecstasy, and Life-Saving MDMA Effects Info

Whether the Molly drug information being spread by the media has you concerned because you are a parent, a teacher or a user of this substance, you are justified in doing your homework because this seemingly “pure” drug doesn’t resemble at all what many swear that it is.  Some say that Molly is just the reincarnation, or “rebranding” of Ecstasy for the new generation while others swear that it is the purest form of MDMA.  Neither of these claims are true today due to Molly’s skyrocketing popularity, which is resulting in some dangerous and deadly substances hitting the market.

molly drug

Who is Molly? seeks to separate fact from fiction with regards to a drug that is sweeping the nation with its popularity and terrifying the loved ones of those who are using it.  While MDMA itself may be a fairly innocuous substance under controlled conditions, that is rarely what people are “popping” anymore as dealers scramble to keep up with demand for “Molly”.  Some of the areas that are addressed in detail are:

  • Molly Drug Facts
  • Dangerous Molly Propaganda from Celebrities
  • Molly and MDMA Effects Explained
  • Molly and MDMA Overdose Facts
  • Is Molly Addictive?
  • Ecstasy Detox and Treatment Information
  • Talking to Your Teen or Loved One About Molly
  • and Much More

Whether you are researching Molly for yourself, your teen or a loved one, answers and help is available.  Who is Molly? is the only comprehensive source of its kind with up to date information on this drug, its effects and a clear path for assistance with detox and treatment if required.

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